AI and machine learning consulting services

People are good at making tough decisions but bad at assessing a huge amount of data. AI provides a fast way to assess a large amount of data and helps come up with possible answers. Humans who are empowered by AI work faster and can make better decisions. Datatorial helps to turn your business into an AI-driven enterprise.

Automatising the onboarding of new offline customers

Datatorial helps you automatize and digitalitize your onboarding processes via consultancy and OCR software development, especially for exotic languages such as Hungarian.

Web scraping

Datatorial can make any publicly available data or text available on the web in tabular form within one day.

Digital due diligence

Datatorial uses machine learning and deep learning technology to help with background checks of legacy publishers, financial services firms, insurance companies, auditors, and others. The focus is on areas such as governance, anti-money laundering compliance, risk management, and background due diligence.

Automatising accounting

If you feel that many elements of your work could be automated then it probably could be! Datatorial supports your work via predictive modeling, such as invoice and expense category pairing.

Contract intelligence

Datatorial provides automatic contract text processing, key term extraction, categorization, and detection of complicated conditional statements. Datatorial develops systems that extract answers from legal texts to predefined questions.

Customer success intelligence

Typically, every problem has been solved at least once in each organization. Instead of focusing your energy on solving the same problems over and over again, automatize your problem solving methods and concentrate your brain power on issues that require your creativity. Datotorial supports your sales and customer success teams by automatically extracting insights from hundreds of thousands of text documents, emails and CRM systems.

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We convert raw data and enormous amount of texts into meaningful insights.

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